Would you like to share your project with your juniors and get paid for it? mtechprojects.com offers a platform to people to sell their own project to anyone interested

You can upload any number of projects.
The project should be up and running.
The project should have a synopsis and reports ready.

How much are you paid ?
When you are sharing your project, you will give us a cost on which you are ready to sell to us. We will add a 35% cost for our marketing and coordination efforts and list the project with new price. For every new sell is made, we will transfer the cost you quoted after successful installation at the student’s end.

How it works?
Share your project work details and contact details with us. we will call you back. You need to show an up and running project, share its description, pictures, and videos with us.

The project will be uploaded on mtechprojects.com as a ready project. (We don’t store the project code and synopsis with us, you will own that.) For any new purchases made, we will intimate you, you need to install the project on the student’s computer, give him/her full control of the project and once the student is satisfied with the project, we will transfer your share.

Steps to share your project:
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