Opportunistic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Networks: Global Optimization Using Local Interaction Games


We investigate the problem of achieving global optimization for distributed channel selections in cognitive radio networks (CRNs), using game theoretic solutions. To cope with the lack of centralized control and local influences, we propose two special cases of local interaction game to study this problem. The first is local altruistic game, in which each user considers the payoffs of itself as well as its neighbors rather than considering itself only. The second is local congestion game, in which each user minimizes the number of competing neighbors. It is shown that with the proposed games, global optimization is achieved with local information. Specifically, the local altruistic game maximizes the network throughput and the local congestion game minimizes the network collision level. Also, the concurrent spatial adaptive play (C-SAP), which is an extension of the existing spatial adaptive play (SAP), is proposed to achieve the global optimum both autonomously as well as rapidly.

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