On Energy Hole and Coverage Hole Avoidance in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks


Thanks to the restricted battery capability of sensor nodes, a minimization of energy consumption is a potential analysis area in underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs). However, energy hole and coverage hole creations lead performance degradation of UWSNs in terms of network lifetime and throughput. During this paper, we tend to address the energy hole creation issue in depth-based routing techniques, and devise a method to overcome the deficiencies in existing techniques. Besides addressing the energy hole issue, the proposition of a coverage hole repair technique is also half of this paper. In areas of the dense deployment, sensing ranges of nodes redundantly overlap. Our proposed technique takes a profit of redundant overlapping and repairs a coverage hole during network operation. Simulation results show that our 2 techniques cohesively conserve nodes’ energy, that ultimately maximizes the network lifetime and throughput at the value of increased delay.

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