An Accurate Noniterative Fault-Location Technique for Low-Voltage DC Microgrid


The least erroneous knowledge on fault location in distribution systems helps the restoration method, expedites maintenance, and reduces power outage length. A fault-location methodology using the probe power unit (PPU) in dc microgrid assumes that the natural frequency of the system is equal to the damped resonant frequency of probe current. This assumption results in distinguished error in fault-location calculation. To estimate the placement of fault within the low-voltage dc microgrid system, a noniterative fault-location technique using PPU is proposed in this paper. Considering damping frequency and attenuation of the probe current, which could be a function of fault distance and damping coefficient, the fault location is obtained. The technique is tested for top-resistance fault in addition to radial and looped topologies and is found to be additional accurate.

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