A Computationally Efficient Motion Primitive for Quadrocopter Trajectory Generation


A methodology is presented for the speedy generation and feasibility verification of motion primitives for quadrocopters and similar multirotor vehicles. The motion primitives are defined by the quadrocopter's initial state, the required motion period, and any combination of parts of the quadrocopter's position, velocity, and acceleration at the motion's finish. Closed-form solutions for the primitives are given, that minimize a value perform related to input aggressiveness. Computationally efficient tests are presented to permit for rapid feasibility verification. Conditions are given under which the existence of possible primitives will be guaranteed a priori . The algorithm could be incorporated during a high-level trajectory generator, that will then rapidly search over a massive range of motion primitives which would achieve some given high-level goal. It's shown that a million motion primitives could be evaluated and compared per second on a customary laptop computer. The motion primitive generation algorithm is experimentally demonstrated by tasking a quadrocopter with an connected web to catch a thrown ball, evaluating thousands of various doable motions to catch the ball.

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