Dynamic Modeling of Scratch Drive Actuators


There has been much analysis in developing scratch drive actuators (SDAs), however because of their dynamic complexity, these microelectromechanical system-based actuators have not been dynamically analyzed up to currently. During this paper, a comprehensive model is presented to describe the dynamic behavior of SDA and its elements throughout stepwise motion. During this model, Hamilton's principle and Newton's technique are used to extract dynamic equations of the SDA plate and dynamic equation for the linear motion of SDA. This model presents a smart insight into the operating principles of SDA by predicting the variation of different variables, such as bushing angle, contact length, horizontal position, and friction forces, throughout the applying of various voltage profiles. Comparison between the modeling results and therefore the out there experimental data shows that this model is terribly effective in predicting some design objectives, such as step size and output force, for these kind of actuators.

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