Scientific Grand Challenges: Toward Exascale Supercomputing and Beyond


Scientific frontiers--astrophysics, whole genome sequencing, tectonic modeling, and therefore on--demand faster and larger computers to investigate an avalanche of knowledge and advance our knowledge. A quest for answers to those grand scientific challenges is the main motivation behind developing and building exascale supercomputers and beyond.

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PROJECT TITLE :A Cost-Effective Deadline-Constrained Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Scientific Workflows in a Cloud Environment - 2018ABSTRACT:Cloud computing, a distributed computing paradigm, allows delivery of IT resources
PROJECT TITLE : Scientific Workflow Mining in Clouds - 2017 ABSTRACT: Computing clouds became the platform of selection for the deployment and execution of scientific workflows. Due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of
PROJECT TITLE :MPI-ACC: Accelerator-Aware MPI for Scientific ApplicationsABSTRACT:Data movement in high-performance computing systems accelerated by graphics processing units (GPUs) remains a difficult problem. Knowledge communication
PROJECT TITLE :Diderot: a Domain-Specific Language for Portable Parallel Scientific Visualization and Image AnalysisABSTRACT:Many algorithms for scientific visualization and image analysis are rooted in the globe of continuous
PROJECT TITLE :Enabling Scientific Collaboration and Discovery Through the Use of Data StandardizationABSTRACT:The Railgun Data Format Customary (RDFS) provides a flexible format for the archival of electromagnetic railgun (EMRG)

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