Component Level Versus System Level -Out-of- Assembly Systems


A well-known principle in engineering is that redundancy at the part level is generally more reliability effective than that at the system level. Here, the redundancy merely means that elements are connected in parallel. Motivated by this principle, during this paper, a more general drawback of assembling K-out-of- N systems optimally is studied. We consider 2 assembled systems: one is by assembling a k-out-of- n system and a l-out-of- m system at the system level, and the opposite is by assembling them at a element level. With some appropriate assumptions on (n,k) and (m,l), some results on stochastic comparisons of the two assembly systems are derived. From this result, some helpful principles for assembling K-out-of- N-systems optimally are proposed. 2 numerical examples are given to illustrate our results as well.

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