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First Laser Action Observed From Optically Pumped $_}}$

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The ${{rm CH}_{3}}{^{17}{rm OH}}$ isotopic form of methanol has been investigated as a far-infrared laser medium for the first time. Using two distinct experimental systems, this investigation has resulted in the discovery of twelve far-infrared laser emissions that range in wavelength from 69.7 to 642.9 $mu{rm m}$. Along with the wavelength, each laser emission is reported with its optimal operating pressure and relative intensity. The frequency for the 69.7 $mu{rm m}$ line was measured to be $4,302,957.7 {pm}{rm 1.0}~{rm MHz}$ and is reported with the ${rm CO}_{2}$ pump laser's offset frequency relative to its center frequency.

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First Laser Action Observed From Optically Pumped $_}}$ - 4.7 out of 5 based on 94 votes

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