Eddy Current Volume Heating Thermography and Phase Analysis for Imaging Characterization of Interface Delamination in CFRP


Imaging inspection is very demanded in the optimization of industry processes. Optical imaging inspection is not applicable for within defects, while infrared (IR) imaging inspection will give info concerning internal structure of objects. Eddy current thermography is an rising IR imaging inspection technique for conductive materials or objects. This paper presents eddy current volume heating thermography (ECVHT) and part analysis for delamination inspection in carbon fiber strengthened plastics (CFRPs) primarily based on the previously proposed eddy current pulsed section thermography (ECPPT). The proposed technique has been verified through experimental studies under both transmission and reflection modes. Once discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of temperature responses, the phasegram and part spectra will be used to image and characterize interface delamination in CFRP because of elimination of nonuniform heating result and carbon fiber structures. With the entire temperature response processed by DFT, carbon fiber structures and delamination can be differentiated thanks to periodic oscillation of section spectra. With temperature response in cooling phase processed by DFT, some characteristic options will be extracted to construct the new phase images in line with the shape of section spectra. In all, using ECVHT and section analysis, imaging characterization for delamination can get a lot of better performance than conventional visible optical inspection system and eddy current pulsed thermography.

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