Component Content Management and Quality of Information Products for Global Audiences: An Integrative Literature Review


Research problem: For several organizations, high-quality technical data products for international audiences are changing into an increasingly vital half of doing business. Part content management makes an attempt to facilitate the creation of such data product. A growing variety of technical Communication groups are adopting the ways, standards, and technologies of element content management. This integrative literature review examines the impacts of component content management on the standard of multilingual information product. Research queries: How are the impacts of component content management on multilingual quality conceptualized? How do best practices address the impacts of element content management on multilingual quality? Literature review: 2 divides characterize part content management and multilingual quality. The divide between the academy and business is marked by completely different levels of interest in quality, particularly its practical aspects. The divide between technical Communication and technical translation and localization is outlined by the dearth of Communication between the representatives of each field that ends up in a narrower understanding of multilingual quality. So, a comprehensive picture of the impacts of component content management on multilingual quality requires combining the perspectives of scholarly and trade authors in technical Communication and technical translation and localization. Activity Theory provides an approach for bridging the divides and making such a comprehensive image. Methodology: To supply such a comprehensive picture, I systematically reviewed literature sources on element content management and multilingual quality in scholarly and trade sources in technical Communication and technical translation and localization, then classified all selected publications by their relationships to the research questions, themes among them, and characteristics of the supply. Results and conclus- ons: Contradictory conceptual understandings exist on the impacts of part content management on multilingual quality. While some sources praise advantages of part content management, notably increased consistency and also the promise to produce additional adaption potentialities, alternative sources concentrate on the challenges of using it, especially a scarcity of context, text segmentation, and human resources. Although best practices provide some suggestions for overcoming these challenges, the suggestions do not resolve them sufficiently and don't reconcile the contradiction between consistency and adaptation of data products based on the various expectations of audiences around the world. This study is restricted by the fact that it primarily centered on English language publications. Future research desires to be conducted collaboratively by stakeholders in academia and industry and from technical Communication and technical translation and localization.

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