Modeling Pyramidal Absorbers Using the Fourier Modal Method and the Mode Matching Technique


The matter of plane wave diffraction from the periodic structure of an infinite PEC wall lined with pyramidal absorbers is considered. A hybrid method based on the R-matrix Fourier modal method (RFMM) and the mode matching (MM) of fields is used for the economical and sturdy analysis of this class of absorbers. The hybrid technique advantages from the discrete spectrum of the periodic structure in transverse directions and consequently avoids spatial discretization along the periodicity axes. This leads to considerable reduction in the amount of unknown coefficients. Furthermore, the strategy is capable of considering dispersive and inhomogeneous materials which are frequently employed in the absorber business. Several examples are made public, simulated, and measured to indicate the efficiency and accuracy of the tactic. The versatility and flexibility of the hybrid RFMM-MM technique makes it suitable for the optimal style of pyramidal absorbers to attain more enhancements in their performances.

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