High-Gain Filtering Patch Antenna Without Extra Circuit


This paper presents a novel kind of patch antenna with high-selectivity filtering responses and high-gain radiation performance. The proposed antenna is principally composed of a driven patch and a stacked patch, with its entire height being $0.09lambda $. 3 shorting pins and a U-slot are embedded in the driven patch to boost out-of-band suppression levels and skirt selectivity close to the lower band-edge, whereas the stacked patch provides a sharp roll-off rate at the upper band-edge and also an enhanced gain. Without using extra filtering circuits, the proposed antenna exhibits a quasi-elliptic boresight gain response with three radiation nulls. For demonstration, an antenna is implemented covering the LTE band (a pair of.3–a pair of.7 GHz). The antenna achieves a median gain of 9.7 dBi among passband, and out-of-band suppression levels of more than twenty one dB.

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