Jamming Based on an Ephemeral Key to Obtain Everlasting Security in Wireless Environments


Secure Communication over a wiretap channel is taken into account within the disadvantaged wireless environment, where the eavesdropper channel is (possibly a lot of) better than the most channel. We gift a technique to take advantage of inherent vulnerabilities of the eavesdroppers receiver to get everlasting secrecy. Primarily based on an ephemeral cryptographic key pre-shared between the transmitter Alice and the intended recipient Bob, a random jamming signal is added to each symbol. Bob can subtract the jamming signal before recording the signal, while the eavesdropper Eve is forced to perform these non-commutative operations in the opposite order. Thus, info-theoretic secrecy will be obtained, hence achieving the goal of changing the vulnerable “cheap” cryptographic secret key bits into “valuable” info-theoretic (i.e., everlasting) secure bits. We tend to evaluate the achievable secrecy rates for different settings, and show that, even when the eavesdropper has good access to the output of the transmitter (albeit through an imperfect analog-to-digital converter), the strategy will still achieve a positive secrecy rate. Next we tend to think about a wideband system, where Alice and Bob perform frequency hopping additionally to adding the random jamming to the signal, and we show the utility of such an approach even in the face of substantial eavesdropper hardware capabilities.

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