Wi-Fi Fingerprint-Based Indoor Positioning: Recent Advances and Comparisons


The growing industrial interest in indoor location-based services (ILBS) has spurred recent development of the many indoor positioning techniques. Thanks to the absence of global Positioning System (GPS) signal, several other signals have been proposed for indoor usage. Among them, Wi-Fi (802.11) emerges as a promising one due to the pervasive deployment of wireless LANs (WLANs). In explicit, Wi-Fi fingerprinting has been attracting much attention recently as a result of it will not require line-of-sight measurement of access points (APs) and achieves high applicability in advanced indoor atmosphere. This survey overviews recent advances on 2 major areas of Wi-Fi fingerprint localization: advanced localization techniques and economical system deployment. Concerning advanced techniques to localize users, we have a tendency to gift how to create use of temporal or spatial signal patterns, user collaboration, and motion sensors. Relating to efficient system deployment, we discuss recent advances on reducing offline labor-intensive survey, adapting to fingerprint changes, calibrating heterogeneous devices for signal collection, and achieving energy potency for smartphones. We tend to study and compare the approaches through our deployment experiences, and discuss some future directions.

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