BlindDate: A Neighbor Discovery Protocol


Many wireless applications urgently demand an efficient neighbor discovery protocol to make up bridges connecting user themselves or to some service suppliers. But, thanks to intrinsic constraints of wireless devices, e.g., limited energy and error of clock synchronization, there's still absence of effective and economical neighbor discovery protocols in the literature. During this work, we propose neighbor discovery protocols for the subsequent 2 issues. 1st, we study Asynchronous Symmetry Neighbor Discovery drawback, in that potential neighbor devices with asynchronous time clocks however the same duty cycle aim to seek out each different. Second, we tend to propose an economical protocol (utilizing Bouncing strategy) named BlindDatewith guaranteed worst-case performance where may be a small fraction of the length of a time slot unit and is the duty cycle. Third, we extend this strategy to handle Asynchronous Asymmetry Neighbor Discovery drawback, in that both the time clock and the duty cycles of potential neighbors are thought-about to be heterogeneous. We tend to conduct intensive experiments and simulations to look at the feasibility and potency of the proposed protocols, and results show that BlindDate greatly outperforms existing approaches in average-case. Compared with known protocols, BlindDate also achieves a better worst-case discovery latency sure (e.g., % performance gain comparing with Searchlight [one]).

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