Mach–Zehnder Based on Large Knot Fiber Resonator for Refractive Index Measurement


A Mach–Zehnder sensor primarily based on a large knot fiber resonator with a diameter of some millimeters is intended using a single long taper. The long taper of some centimeters is fabricated with a CO2 laser technique. In air, light cannot couple between adjacent sections in the knot, and no signal is observed. But, in liquid, light-weight is a smaller amount confined and there is coupling between adjacent sections of the knot, ensuing during a part distinction and consequent interference. The Mach–Zehnder is created by the two contact points within the knot. The refractive index sensing of liquid compounds is achieved by monitoring the wavelength shift of the spectra. A sensitivity of 642 ± 29 nm/refractive index unit (RIU) is achieved for refractive index sensing within the vary of 1.3735–1.428 with a resolution of zero.009 RIU. For temperature sensing, a sensitivity of −42 ± 9 pm/°C is observed. A low influence of temperature within the refractive index change is observed: RIU/°C.

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