High-Sensitivity Gas Pressure Sensor Based on Fabry–Pérot Interferometer With a Side-Opened Channel in Hollow-Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber


We have a tendency to demonstrate a high-sensitivity gas pressure sensor by use of an in-fiber Fabry–Pérot interferometer (FPI) based mostly on hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber (HC-PBF) with a aspect-opened channel. The FPI was created by splicing a skinny piece of HC-PBF between two stander single-mode fibers. Then, a facet-opened channel was drilled through the hollow core of the HC-PBF by use of a femtosecond laser. Such an FPI with a facet-opened channel greatly enhanced the gas pressure sensitivity up to four.twenty four nm/MPa, that is 2 orders of magnitude above that of FPI with an internal cavity. In addition, the consequences of cavity length on the gas pressure sensing performance were additionally studied. A shorter cavity provides rise to broader measurement range while giving larger detection limit, and vice versa. The structure size is tens of micrometers, that makes it potential to develop an ultracompact high-sensitivity gas pressure sensor.

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