Assessment of LTE Wireless Access for Monitoring of Energy Distribution in the Smart Grid


While LTE has been widely rolled out for human-type services, it is additionally a promising answer for price-economical connectivity of the smart grid monitoring equipment. This is often a kind of machine-to-machine (M2M) traffic that consists mainly of sporadic uplink transmissions. In such a setting, the number of traffic that can be served in an exceedingly cell isn't constrained by the information capability, however rather by the signaling constraints within the random access channel and management channel. In this paper, we explore these limitations employing a detailed simulation of the LTE access reservation protocol (ARP). We find that 1) assigning a lot of random access opportunities might truly worsen performance and 2) the extra signaling that follows the ARP has terribly large impact on the capability in terms of the number of supported devices; we have a tendency to observed a reduction in the capability by almost a issue of three. This suggests that a lightweight access method, with a reduced number of signaling messages, desires to be thought-about in standardization for M2M applications. Additionally we tend to propose a tractable analytical model to calculate the outage which will be rapidly implemented and evaluated. The model accounts for the features of the random access, control channel, and uplink and downlink knowledge channels, plus retransmissions.

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