Patch Antennas With Loading of a Pair of Shorting Pins Toward Flexible Impedance Matching and Low Cross Polarization


Patch antennas with loading of a pair of shorting pins are proposed during this paper toward flexible impedance matching and low cross polarization. The shorting pins are introduced within the centerline of a sq. patch to strengthen the surface current density near the feeding point at edge. As these paired pins simultaneously move off from the middle toward the 2 radiating edges of patch, the resonant input impedance of the microstrip-edge-fed patch antenna is increasingly reduced thanks to enlarged current density at the feeding purpose. As a result of of symmetric arrangement of those two shorting pins, surface current density on the patch is maintained as the odd-symmetric property with respect to the H-plane, so tremendously degrading the cross-polarization level. Simulated and measured results are found in smart agreement with each different in terms of input impedance and radiation pattern. They any demonstrate that co-polarization to cross-polarization ratio (CTCR) of the paired-pins-loaded patch antenna in H-plane is maintained a minimum of 10 dB beyond that of its single-pin-loaded patch counterpart.

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