Mobility Aware Framework for Timeslotted Channel Hopping IEEE 802.15.4e Sensor Networks


Ubiquitous object networking has sparked the concept of the Web of Things (IoT), which defines a new era in the planet of networking. Realization of this idea wants to be addressed by standardization efforts that will shape the infrastructure of the networks. This has been achieved through the IEEE 802.fifteen.4e, 6LoWPAN, and IPv6 standards. In addition, the IEEE 802.fifteen.4e normal, that will be thought of because the backbone of the IoT structure, has presented timeslotted channel hopping (TSCH). Although these standards give a coherent and subtle system, several implications challenge these standards to realize optimal performance and reliability. Node mobility will be thought of because the delimited factor for realizing a totally connected network, particularly with the inclusion of TSCH mode that will complicate the association process of the mobile nodes, as a results of the frequency hopping mechanism. During this paper, we investigate the impact of mobility over the TSCH sensor network, and a Markov chain model is presented to work out the parameters that have an effect on mobile node association process. Second, we have a tendency to provide a proposed mobility-aware Mobile Timeslotted Channel Hopping (MTSCH) protocol that will facilitate the mobile nodes association and minimize the latency incurred by leaving the nodes dissociated from the network. TSCH and also the proposed MTSCH techniques have been implemented and evaluated through Contiki OS. The proposed MTSCH manages to scale back the radio duty cycle of the mobile nodes by a mean of thirtyp.c while increasing the connectivity of the nodes by twenty five%. Moreover, cluster heads managed to avoid wasting energy by a ratio of 14percent.

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