Seeing what others don't, Gary Klein [Book Interview]


Providing security in passive RFID systems has gained significant attention thanks to their widespread use. Research has centered on providing both location and information privacy through mutual authentication between the readers and tags. In such systems, each party is accountable of verifying the identity of the opposite party with whom it's communicating. For such a task to succeed, the tags and readers are initialized with shared secret info which is updated once a successful authentication session. Ownership management, which includes transfer and delegation, builds upon mutual authentication. Here, the employment of security in RFID is extended to encompass the additional practical case where a tagged item is shifted from one owner to another. As such, we tend to propose a replacement authentication and ownership management protocol that's compliant with the EPC Category-one Generation-2 Version 2 commonplace. The protocol is formally analyzed and successfully implemented on hardware. The implementation shows that the utilization of such protocol adds security with little added overhead in terms of Communication and computation.

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