Impaired Sensor Diagnosis, Beamforming, and DOA Estimation With Difference Co-Array Processing


Impaired sensors can significantly deteriorate phased-array beampattern, and consequently degrade the output signal-to-interference and noise ratio (SINR) and direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation performance. During this paper, we propose a sign-processing scheme for impaired phased-arrays, as well as beamforming and DOA estimation and array diagnosis. The essence is to reconstruct an unimpaired array through the Khatri–Rao product-based mostly difference co-array processing and exploiting the facility of the received signal instead of the signal amplitude. Superiority of the proposed approach over standard strategies is demonstrated by examining the array beampattern, output SINR, and DOA estimation performance. Furthermore, we tend to devise a diagnosis strategy to detect the sensors with defect in the array. Our answer needs no a priori information of the malfunctioning components and allows a number of them with complete failure, and its effectiveness is verified via pc simulation.

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