Q-switched Brillouin fibre laser with multi-wall carbon nanotube saturable absorber


A Q-switched Brillouin fibre laser (BFL) is successfully demonstrated using multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) embedded in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film as a passive saturable absorber (SA) for the first time. The SA is obtained by sandwiching the developed MWCNTs-PVA film between 2 FC/COMPUTER fibre connectors once depositing index-matching gel onto the fibre ends. The proposed Q-switched BFL incorporates a 5 km long dispersion shifted fibre in an exceedingly ring cavity structure to generate Stokes shifted by 0.08 nm from the Brillouin pump wavelength. The BFL starts to come up with a Q-switching pulse train at threshold pump power of five dBm. Because the BP power is varied from 5.0 to dBm, the repetition rate of the Q-switched BFL exhibits an increasing trend from 27.75 to 30.twenty one kHz, whereas the pulse width exhibits a decreasing trend from three.25 μs to one.eleven μs. The maximum pulse energy of 0.thirteen nJ is obtained at most BP power of half dozen.0 dBm.

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