A Detailed Study on Zero-Bias Irradiation Responses of $hbox _}hbox _}$ MOS Capacitors


$hbox La_2hbox O_3$ as a possible dielectric layer for a capacitor in MOS-based mostly radiation sensors has been investigated under gamma irradiation doses up to sixty four Gray. Capacitance–Voltage (C–V) and Conductance–Voltage ($hbox G/omega hbox-V$) characteristics as well as the series resistance ($hbox R_rm s$) of the device have been studied. The $hbox La_2hbox O_3$ thin-film crystal structures, phase identification, and the elemental compositions of the films were investigated by X-ray diffractometer and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopies. The density of the interface states ($hbox D_rm it$) and fading characteristics were calculated following a series correlations to C–V and $hbox G/omega hbox-V$ measurements. A desired linear flat band voltage shift-dose relation was obtained using the capacitance measurements. We have a tendency to observed that $hbox R_rm s$ barely decreases as irradiation dose will increase, which incorporates a crucial effects mainly on conductance of the device characteristics. $hbox D_rm it$ options were improved with irradiation doses however still in the order of $10^10 hboxeV^ - 1 hboxcm^-2$. This failed to cause any significant device degradation through its operation. Finally, the fading values of the devices with $hbox La_2hbox O_3$ layers were found to be shut to that of typical $hbox SiO_2$ layers. The outcomes suggest that $hbox La_2hbox O_3$ might be a promising future gate dielectric material candidate for radiation sensors in given radiation dose vary.

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