Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Melt-Spun Nd-Rich Nd-Fe Alloys


The result of composition on the magnetic properties and microstructure of Nd-made Nd-Fe alloys prepared by melt-spinning were investigated. Many magnetic phases with ordering temperatures at about ten, 37, forty eight, and 420-480 K were detected from the temperature dependence of magnetization. The primary transition is because of the presence of the double-hexagonal-shut-packed Nd phase. The magnetic transitions at thirty seven and forty eight K might be connected to the face-targeted-cubic Nd-based section and the Nd-made nanocrystals. The high-temperature ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions at 420-480 K could be connected with the amorphous-like Fe-Nd section enriched in Fe, which is observed by transmission electron microscopy in the intergranular regions. At temperatures below 100 K, the magnetization of the Nd-Fe ribbons didn't saturate in a very magnetic field as high as 7200 kA/m. The correlations between the microstructure and coercivity of the Nd-rich Nd-Fe ribbons are discussed.

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