Arbitrarily Oriented Perfectly Conducting Wedge Over a Dielectric Half-Space: Diffraction and Total Far Field


Complicated scattering targets are typically made by structures constituted by wedges and penetrable substrates which may interact at close to field. In this paper, we have a tendency to describe an entire procedure to check this downside with attainable developments in radar technologies (like GPR), antenna development, or electromagnetic compatibility (tips near substrates). The diffraction of an incident plane wave by a wonderfully conducting (PEC) wedge over a dielectric 0.5-space is studied using generalized Wiener–Hopf equations (GWHEs), and the answer is obtained using analytical and numerical–analytical approaches that cut back the Wiener-Hopf (WH) factorization to integral equations (IEs). The mathematical aspects are described in an exceedingly unified and consistent theory for angular and layered region issues. The proposed procedure is valid for the final case and therefore the paper focuses on E-polarization at traditional incidence. The solutions are given in terms of geometrical/uniform theory of diffraction (GTD/UTD) diffraction coefficients and total so much fields for engineering applications. This paper presents several numerical check cases that show the validity of the proposed method.

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