Increasing Network Resiliency by Optimally Assigning Diverse Variants to Routing Nodes


Networks with homogeneous routing nodes are constantly in danger as any vulnerability found against a node could be used to compromise all nodes. Introducing diversity among nodes will be used to deal with this problem. With few variants, the selection of assignment of variants to nodes is important to the network resiliency. We have a tendency to gift the Diversity Assignment Drawback (DAP), the assignment of variants to nodes in an exceedingly network, and we show how to compute the optimal resolution in medium-size networks. We tend to additionally present a greedy approximation to DAP that scales well to large networks. Our answer shows that a high level of overall network resiliency can be obtained even from variants that are weak on their own. We have a tendency to provide a variation of our drawback that matches the particular Communication necessities of applications run over the network (e.g., Paxos and BFT). Conjointly, we tend to analyze the loss in resiliency when optimally assigning variants based on inaccurate information about compromises.

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