Local Energy Balancing and Ancillary Services in Low-Voltage Networks With Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, and Active Loads


The increasing penetration of distributed generation (DG), particularly RES, brings new challenges for network operators to make sure energy balancing and quality of power supply. The uncontrolled electricity generation during a distribution network may have a negative impact on Power System operation. The operation of DG, notably RES, should be optimized to confirm technical standards of energy delivery. The optimization will be administrated using the concept of local energy balancing and ancillary services (ASs) provided by the DG and RES. As shown, they are able to ensure the development of native energy resources preserving the technical standards of network operation. The technical novelty of this paper presented refers back to the implementation of the native energy balancing system in the low-voltage distribution system using competitive electricity market rules and application of nonlinear programming for overall optimization. The proposal presented includes economic dispatch and optimization of ASs, taking under consideration the compensation of reactive power, harmonics, and asymmetry.

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