Reliable and Efficient Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Transfaulty Nodes


A collection of spatially distributed sensor nodes in a very wireless sensor network (WSN) work collaboratively to sense the physical phenomena around them and then send the sensed info to the sink node through single-hop or multihop paths. In this work, we have a tendency to propose a theme, named ReDAST, for reliable and efficient information acquisition in an exceedingly stationary WSN in the presence of transfaulty nodes. Due to the transfaulty behavior, a sensor node gets temporarily isolated from the network. Temporary node isolation ends up in the formation of dynamic Communication holes in the network, that type and disappear dynamically. Furthermore, they'll increase or decrease in size dynamically furthermore. These effects end in loss of knowledge in the radiation-affected space. To forestall info loss in WSN because of transfaulty behavior of sensor nodes, in the proposed scheme, we tend to construct the network using sensor nodes having dual mode of Communication-RF and acoustic. To induce redundant coverage at intervals a radiation affected area, all the sensor nodes in the world become activated and switch to the acoustic Communication mode after detecting themselves to be stricken by radiations. In-network information fusion is performed to get actual info from the redundant info received from the radiation-affected area. Simulation results exhibit that the proposed theme, ReDAST, achieves better energy potency and reduced average end-to-finish delay than sensor nodes having only acoustic mode of Communication.

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