Profiling Support for Runtime Managed Code: Next Generation Performance Monitoring Units


Given the rise of runtime managed code environments in desktop, server, and mobile segments, agile, flexible, and correct performance monitoring capabilities are needed in order to perform wise code transformations and optimizations. Common profiling strategies, mainly primarily based on instrumentation and current performance monitoring units (PMUs), are not adequate and new innovative styles are necessary. During this paper, we tend to gift the desired characteristics of what we tend to decision next generation PMUs and advocate for hardware/software collaborative approaches where hardware implements the profiling hooks and mechanisms and software implements the complex heuristics. We then propose a initial style in which the hardware uses a tiny, nonetheless versatile table to profile specific code regions and therefore the software decides what/when/the way to profile. This 1st style meets all needed options and we have a tendency to aim it because the seed for future PMUs extensions to enable novel dynamic code transformations and optimizations.

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