Pose tracking without linearand angular-velocity feedback using dual quaternions


Since vision-based mostly sensors sometimes cannot directly measure the relative linear and angular velocities between two spacecraft, it's useful to develop angle- and position-tracking controllers- namely, pose-tracking controllers-that don't need such measurements. Using dual quaternions and based mostly on an existing perspective-only tracking controller, a pose-tracking controller that does not require relative linear- or angular-velocity measurements is developed in this paper. Compared to the existing literature, this velocity-free cause-tracking controller guarantees that the cause of the chaser spacecraft will converge to the required pose freelance of the initial state, whether or not the reference motion is not sufficiently exciting. In addition, the convergence region will not rely on the gains chosen by the user. The rate-free controller is verified and compared with a velocity-feedback controller through 2 simulations. In explicit, the proposed velocity-free controller is compared qualitatively and quantitatively with a velocity-feedback controller and an extended Kalman filter employing a relatively realistic satellite proximity-operation scenario.

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