An Effective Integrity Check Scheme for Secure Erasure Code-Based Storage Systems


In the appliance of cloud storage, a user no longer possesses his files in his local depository. Therefore, he is concerned concerning the safety of the stored files. Data confidentiality and data robustness are the most security issues. For data confidentiality, the user can 1st encrypt files and then store the encrypted files in a very cloud storage. For knowledge robustness, there are two concerns: service failure, and service corruption. We are involved regarding data robustness in cloud storage services. Lin and Tzeng proposed a secure erasure code-based storage system with multiple key servers recently. Their system supports a repair mechanism, where a replacement storage server can compute a new ciphertext from the ciphertexts obtained from the remaining storage servers. Their system considers data confidentiality in the cloud, and data robustness against storage server failure. During this paper, we have a tendency to propose an integrity check scheme for their system to boost data robustness against storage server corruption, that returns tampered ciphertexts. With our integrity check scheme, their storage system can house not solely the problem of storage server failure, but also the problem of storage server corruption. The challenging half of our work is to own homomorphic integrity tags. New integrity tags will be computed from previous integrity tags by storage servers without involvement of the user's secret key or backup servers. We prove the safety of our integrity check scheme formally, and establish the parameters for achieving an amazing probability of a successful information retrieval.

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