Normalized Energy Density-Based Forensic Detection of Resampled Images


We propose a new method to detect resampled imagery. The method is based on examining the normalized energy density present within windows of varying size in the second derivative of the image in the frequency domain, and exploiting this characteristic to derive a 19-D feature vector that is used to train a SVM classifier. Experimental results are reported on 7500 raw images from the BOSS database. Comparison with prior work reveals that the proposed algorithm performs similarly for resampling rates greater than 1, and is superior to prior work for resampling rates less than 1. Experiments are performed for both bilinear and bicubic interpolations, and qualitatively similar results are observed for each. Results are also provided for the detection of resampled imagery with noise corruption and JPEG compression. As expected, some degradation in performance is observed as the noise increases or the JPEG quality factor declines.

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