Visual Analysis of Spatio-temporal Distribution and Retweet Relation in Weibo Event - 2018


Sina Weibo is the foremost standard microblog service in China and it can provide abundant information about netizens' attitudes and opinions to those events that are exposed on the Internet. But, it's tough to grasp the characteristics of.Net public opinions, such as the evolution of users' focus over time, spatio-temporal distribution of users taking part in event comments, weibo retweet relation, etc. To totally perceive those, we have a tendency to propose a visible analytic system of Weibo Event, short for WeiboViz, that will be mainly divided into four subparts: basic info visualization, spatio-temporal distribution visualization, keywords and entities visualization, weibo retweet relation visualization. A case study of "'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' exceeded in the Master Kong You Yue drinking water" demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed system for the exploration and understanding of weibo knowledge about specific event.

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