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Traffic Sign Recognition for autonomous driving robot

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Traffic Sign Recognition for autonomous driving robot


This paper introduces a fast Traffic Sign Recognition system developed for a robot, participant in the Autonomous Driving Competition in the Portuguese Festival of Robotics. The Autonomous Driving Robot performs detection and classification of traffic signs and traffic lights based on the analysis of images acquired by a camera mounted on its chassis. The proposed algorithm is composed of three processing stages: detection, pictogram extraction and classification. After the two firsts processing stages, a binary pattern matrix is obtained by color segmentation. In the classification stage two different neural networks were trained to recognize the traffic signs or the traffic light sign. Experimental results show that the system precision is very close to 100% whereas recall presents values above 90% in most of the signs. The proposed system also proves to be reliable and suitable for real-time processing.

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Traffic Sign Recognition for autonomous driving robot - 4.9 out of 5 based on 18 votes

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