GSM based Vehicle theft alert system using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148


In this technical world where technology is growing up day by day and scientific researches are presenting a new era of discoveries, we need security in all the areas. As theft activities are increasing around, we have need of more security in Automobiles/Vehicles. Today automobile industry is a major industry of the world and the vehicles need to be secured otherwise they will be packed gifts for the criminals given by our own hands. The main aim of this paper is to use wireless technology to intimate the owner of the vehicle about each and every unauthorized attempt of entry to his/her vehicle. The auto-generated Short Message Service by system is used to give information to the owner’s cell phone. And one more advantage of this project is that a back Short Message Service can be send by vehicle’s owner which will disable the ignition of the vehicle system and vehicle will be stopped. If system is active and if any unauthorized person tries to start the vehicle, the microcontroller used in system gets an interrupt through a switch which is connected to the security system. Instantly microcontroller commands the Global System for Mobile modem to send an auto-generated message. The owner receives the Short Message Service alert in the form of some written text which is predefined in the system. If he is not sure about the jumper, owner can send a back message to the Global System for Mobile modem to ‘stop’. The Global System for Mobile modem which is interfaced to the microcontroller receives the message, according to the output of Global System for Mobile modem, micro controller disables the ignition, and it will result in stopping of the vehicle. Advancement to this system is that we can transmit auto-generated Multimedia Message Service instead of Short Message Service by using smart phone.

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