Exact Solutions for Certain Weighted Sum-Rate and Common-Rate Maximization Problems - 2018


Weighted total-rate and customary-rate optimization S i=one N a i log 2 (1 + ? i ) and max mini(? i ), respectively, where ? i represents the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of user i and a i is a constant weight. In general, these problems are non-deterministic polynomial-time-laborious problems. In this letter, we tend to propose an optimal resolution framework for a particular class of such issues. Subject to some conditions on the region of possible SNRs, we tend to therefore derive the optimal solutions utilizing the inequality of arithmetic and geometric suggests that. We show that these solutions apply to several practical situations. For example, we have a tendency to derive optimal closed-kind power allocations for a 2-approach relay network with a giant antenna array relay. Numerical results and simulations verify the optimality of the analytical approach.

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