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An Acoustic Complexity Index Sensor for Underwater Applications

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An Acoustic Complexity Index Sensor for Underwater Applications


Underwater communications exploit acoustic signals to interconnect embedded systems deployed for various scientific, environmental, industrial, or security tasks. The engineering of networked devices in underwater surroundings is nowadays considered a crucial analysis challenge. The propagation of acoustic waves in water is characterised by low, distance-dependent bandwidth with high latency, and multi-path effects, which build it necessary the look of novel system-level solutions, communication protocols, and algorithms specifically tailored for these sorts of applications. This paper describes a completely unique hardware–software sensing platform for computing a artificial index developed for marine ecology studies, referred to as the acoustic complexity index. Computing this index entails performing the fast Fourier rework of signals in the range of audio frequencies. The adoption of a centralized approach/design would entail the transmission of the signals toward a sink for his or her processing, severely impacting communication potency. The event of the proposed low-power sensing module permits to carry on the computation on board of remote nodes, that work as virtual sensors. This reduces the communication burden (of regarding 5 orders of magnitude) with a negligible energy overhead due to on board computation.

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An Acoustic Complexity Index Sensor for Underwater Applications - 4.9 out of 5 based on 18 votes

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