An Analysis of a Stochastic ON-OFF Queueing Mobility Model for Software-Defined Vehicle Networks


Recently, we have been exposed to a number of newly developed software-defined paradigms of VANET in a category of networks for vehicles known as software-defined vehicle networks (SDVN). Analytical and simulation models are required so that the performance of these new proposals and architectures can be evaluated. In this article, we present a proposal for an analytical model that is based on ON-OFF queueing networks operating under exponential and general service time distributions. The model can be utilized to evaluate the performance of SDVNs, and it takes into account the effect of mobility in the form of hand overs, node turning ON/OFF, node going temporarily out of coverage, and intermittent connections. This mobility effect was modeled as a queuing station with exponentially random ON-OFF service times. During the exponentially random ON period, traffic arrived in accordance with a Poisson random process, and the service time was exponentially distributed. Nevertheless, during the OFF period, the service time is distributed in an exponential fashion, but the rates are significantly reduced. Extensive research was conducted on the ON-OFF queueing behavior for both finite- and infinite-capacity queues. After taking into account the impact of mobility and the significant number of connected nodes, three hypothetical SDVN scenarios were examined. The findings were validated against those obtained through the use of a simulation model. Researchers who are interested in obtaining quantitative answers for their SDVN architectures will find these tools to be extremely helpful.

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