Multi-Way Lossless Outphasing System Based on an All-Transmission-Line Combiner


A lossless power-combining network comprising cascaded transmission-line segments in an exceedingly tree structure is introduced for a multi-way outphasing design. This architecture addresses the suboptimal loading conditions in Chireix outphasing transmitters whereas offering a compact and microwave-friendly implementation compared to previous techniques. In the proposed system, four saturated power amplifiers (PAs) interact through an all-TL power-combining network to supply nearly ideal resistive load modulation of the branch PAs over a 10:1 vary of output powers. This work focuses on the operation of the combining network, deriving analytical expressions for input-port admittance characteristics and an outphasing management strategy to modulate output power whereas minimizing reactive loading of the saturated branch amplifiers. A strategy for combiner design is given, along with a combiner design example for compact layout. An experimental four-means outphasing amplifier system operating at two.14 GHz demonstrates the technique with greater than sixtyp.c drain potency for an output power vary of 6.a pair of dB. The system demonstrates a W-CDMA modulated signal with a nine.fifteen-dB peak-to-average power ratio with 54.5percent average modulated efficiency at 41.1-dBm average output power.

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