A Wideband Microwave Exposure Setup for Suspended Cells Cultures: Numerical and Experimental EM Characterization


An in vitro exposure setup developed to reveal suspended cells in Petri dishes on a giant frequency band up to some gigahertz was studied. This method was based mostly on way-field exposure with a horn antenna in an anechoic chamber. A specific incubator was designed with a water-cooling system for constant temperature within the setup. Four exposed Petri dishes presented a similar specific absorption rate (SAR) distribution with a whole-volume SAR of 0.fifty six ±zero.forty W/kg/Winc at two.forty five GHz. The incubator was equipped with a stirring mechanism permitting an homogenous distribution of temperature within the biological resolution. The SAR was assessed over the 1.5-3 GHz frequency range. Using the temperature management and stirring, a rise of zero.four°C in temperature was observed after 2 h exposure at a pair of.45 GHz, 22 W incident power. This dosimetric study demonstrated the power of this technique to show cells in suspension at different frequencies during a controlled surroundings.

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