Abnormal Temperature Dependence of Mobility in a Disordered System With Traps: Experiment and Theory


Mobility μ is crucial in electronic and optoelectronic devices. Abnormal temperature T dependence of the carrier mobility μ of poly [a pair of-methoxy-5-2-ethyl-hexyloxy]-p-phenylenevinylene (MEH-PPV)/InP nanocrystal composites was observed using the time-of-flight technique. The slope of ln(μ) as a operate of 1/T2 dramatically changed before and after the important temperature Tc of 283 K. Using the variable vary hopping theoretical mode, a brand new trap-filling factor (FF) was proposed as a key parameter to illustrate the impact of the lure on the mobility. In step with FF, there are three regions. When FF ≫ one and FF≪1, the carrier behavior follows the Fermi and Boltzmann distributions, respectively. When FF~1, the derived transition temperature of 282.4 K represents a transition point from Fermi to Boltzmann distribution, that is according to Tc in the experiment. Finally, a universal dependence of ln(μ) on T was concluded primarily based on FF in a very disordered system with traps.

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