An Astrocyte Neuromorphic Circuit That Influences Neuronal Phase Synchrony


Neuromorphic circuits are designed and simulated to emulate the role of astrocytes in phase synchronization of neuronal activity. We have a tendency to emulate, to a 1st order, the power of slow inward currents (SICs) evoked by the astrocyte, functioning on extrasynaptic N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDAR) of adjacent neurons, as a mechanism for part synchronization. We run a simulation check incorporating two small networks of neurons interacting with astrocytic microdomains. These microdomains are designed using a resistive and capacitive ladder network and their interactions occur through pass transistors. Upon enough synaptic activity, the astrocytic microdomains interact with every other, generating SIC events on synapses of adjacent neurons. Since the amplitude of SICs is several orders of magnitude larger compared to synaptic currents, a SIC event drastically enhances the excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) on adjacent neurons simultaneously. This causes neurons to fireside synchronously in phase. Part synchrony holds for a length of your time proportional to the time constant of the SIC decay. Once the SIC decay has completed, the neurons are ready to go back to their natural part distinction, inducing desynchronization of their firing of spikes. This paper incorporates some biological aspects observed by recent experiments showing astrocytic influence on neuronal synchronization, and intends to supply a circuit read on the hypothesis of astrocytic role on synchronous activity that might doubtless cause the binding of neuronal information.

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