International Standards for Information Development and Content Management


Problem: Standards give a substantive, internationally supported framework through which info will be managed, developed, reviewed, tested, maintained in a very content-management system, and printed in an exceedingly variety of forms. Research question: Why are standards and standards development important for info development and management? Key ideas: (1) The International Organization for Standardization defines a normal as “a document that has necessities, specifications, pointers or characteristics which will be used consistently to confirm that materials, merchandise, processes and services are match for his or her purpose.” (two) Several types of standards exist, like unit standards (which describe measures), private standards reached by consensus and that most participants in an industry conform to, and public, de jure, or legally mandated standards. Standards exist for authoring and publishing tools. (three) Employing a commonplace managed and controlled by a standards organization suggests that gaining the insights of experienced individuals working through an internationally recognized body. 4) Standards are developed by consensus below the auspices of a major organization, such as IEEE, ISO, or OASIS. (5) Major standards affecting info development embrace technical standards for authoring and publishing, as well as portable document format, eXtensible markup language, Hypertext Markup Language, and content standards, like Darwin information typing design (DITA), DocBook, and S1000D. Key lessons: (1) Use standards to manage content development. (2) Use standards to acquire services to support the development of content. (3) Use standards to review and take a look at info. (4) Use standards to manage agile information development. (five) Use standards to manage the event of documentation through the software-development life cycle. (6) Use standards to select and implement a content-management system. (7) Rent info developers who understa- d the importance of using standards. Implications to practice: Standards offer a means that for info developers to ensure that they're managing and developing content effectively. Implementing standards in a corporation helps to ensure that technology selections made today can not limit future technology developments.

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