Industrial Control System Network Intrusion Detection by Telemetry Analysis


Till recently, industrial Control Systems (ICSs) used “air-gap” security measures, where each node of the ICS network was isolated from different networks, as well as the Internet, by a physical disconnect. Attaching ICS networks to the Internet benefits firms and engineers who use them. But, as these systems were designed to be used within the air-gapped security atmosphere, protocols used by ICSs contain very little to no safety features and are vulnerable to varied attacks. This paper proposes an approach to detect the intrusions into network attached ICSs by measuring and verifying data that's transmitted through the network but is not inherently the information used by the transmission protocol-network telemetry. Using simulated PLC units, the developed IDS was able to achieve ninety four.3 % accuracy when differentiating between machines of an attacker and engineer on the identical network, and 99.5 % accuracy when differentiating between attacker and engineer on the Internet.

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