Combining Dynamic Machining Feature With Function Blocks for Adaptive Machining


Feature-based mostly technologies are widely researched for manufacturing automation. However, in current feature models, options once outlined remain constant throughout the full manufacturing lifecycle. This static feature model is inflexible to support adaptive machining when facing frequent changes to producing resources. This paper presents a replacement machining feature concept that facilitates responsive changes to the dynamics of machining features in 2.five/3D machining. Basic geometry info for feature construction of complex components with numerous intersecting options is represented as a collection of meta machining options (MMF). Optimum feature definition is generated adaptively by selecting optimum merging methods of MMFs in keeping with the capabilities of the chosen machine tool, cutter, and cutting parameters. A composite perform block for dynamic machining feature modelling is intended with Basic Machining Feature Operate Block, Meta Machining Feature Extraction Function Block and Feature Interpreter Perform Block. Once changes of the selected machining resources occur, they're informed as input events and machining options are then updated automatically and adaptively based mostly on the event-driven model of perform blocks. An example is provided to demonstrate the feasibility and edges of the developed methodology.

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