A Systematic Review on Methods and Techniques for Optimizing Assistive Virtual Keyboards


Locked-In Syndrome is admittedly the worst case of motor and speech impairment, seriously damaging the power of oral and gestural Communication of patients. Lately, various and augmentative Communication technology has provided resources to restore these patients' ability to speak. Among the varied ways and existing Communication software, we will highlight the virtual keyboard. However, the data entry for these keyboards is considerably slower than coming into information through physical keyboards. In order to identify the most approaches used to optimize the data entry on virtual keyboards, we tend to performed a systematic review by looking out for papers in databases. So, we tend to found 250 articles and selected thirty one papers among them to compose this analysis. Analyzing these articles, we identified 5 ways for optimizing information entry performance and 15 ways that of implementing them. Additionally, this review contains a important analysis regarding the optimization ways and assistive virtual keyboards.

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