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A Comprehensive Study on Social Network Mental Disorders Detection via Online Social Media Mining A Novel Representation and Compression for Queries on Trajectories in Road Networks A Unified View of Social and Temporal Modeling for B2B Marketing Campaign Recommendation Density-Based Place Clustering Using Geo-Social Network Data Diagnosing and Minimizing Semantic Drift in Iterative Bootstrapping Extraction Exploring Hierarchical Structures for Recommender Systems FEDERAL: A Framework for Distance-Aware Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage Hashtagger+: Efficient High-Coverage Social Tagging of Streaming News High-Level Programming Abstractions for Distributed Graph Processing Index-Based Densest Clique Percolation Community Search in Networks Learning Multiple Factors-Aware Diffusion Models in Social Networks Leveraging Conceptualization for Short-Text Embedding Linking Fine-Grained Locations in User Comments Longest Increasing Subsequence Computation over Streaming Sequences Minority Oversampling in Kernel Adaptive Subspaces for Class Imbalanced Datasets Multi-Instance Learning with Discriminative Bag Mapping Multi-Label Learning with Global and Local Label Correlation Multi-View Missing Data Completion On the Complexity of Bounded View Propagation for Conjunctive Queries Personalized and Diverse Task Composition in Crowdsourcing Product Adoption Rate Prediction in a Competitive Market Profit Maximization for Viral Marketing in Online Social Networks: Algorithms and Analysis Range Queries on Multi-Attribute Trajectories Range-Based Nearest Neighbor Queries with Complex-Shaped Obstacles RNN-DBSCAN: A Density-Based Clustering Algorithm Using Reverse Nearest Neighbor Density Estimates Sampling and Reconstruction Using Bloom Filters Search Result Diversity Evaluation Based on Intent Hierarchies Structure Based User Identification across Social Networks To Meet or Not to Meet: Finding the Shortest Paths in Road Networks Sign In or Purch Towards Why-Not Spatial Keyword Top-k Queries: A Direction-Aware Approach Ultra High-Dimensional Nonlinear Feature Selection for Big Biological Data Web Media and Stock Markets : A Survey and Future Directions from a Big Data Perspective

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