RAP-CLA: A Reconfigurable Approximate Carry Look-Ahead Adder - 2017


During this transient, we tend to propose a fast yet energy-economical reconfigurable approximate carry look-ahead adder (RAP-CLA). This adder has the power of switching between the approximate and actual operating modes creating it appropriate for each error-resilient and exact applications. The structure, that is additional space and power efficient than state-of-the-art reconfigurable approximate adders, is achieved by some modifications to the traditional carry look ahead adder (CLA). The efficacy of the proposed RAP-CLA adder is evaluated by comparing its characteristics to those of two state-of-the-art reconfigurable approximate adders furthermore the traditional (precise) CLA in an exceedingly 15 nm FinFET technology. The results reveal that, within the approximate operating mode, the proposed thirty two-bit adder provides up to 55% and twenty eightp.c delay and power reductions compared to those of the exact CLA, respectively, at the price of up to 35.sixteenp.c error rate. It conjointly provides up to 49p.c and 19% lower delay and power consumption, respectively, compared to different approximate adders thought of during this temporary. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed adder on two image processing applications of smoothing and sharpening is demonstrated.

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